No Time For Fitness?

Excuses, excuses is what most of us hear or give all the time when it comes to getting in shape. The truth is most people have no energy after work to go to the gym and to get up early in the morning is even harder!

I think what needs to happen is someone needs to create a streamlined workout that will get you results in under 30 minutes. What? Somebody has already done that? You have to be kidding me…. well as you can see in these t 25 reviews there is a workout that is actually only 25 minutes a day and promises great results!

I am hearing more and more about short intense workouts and the creator of this workout Shaun T has streamlined his original insane workout the insanity workout and cut out all the fluff.

For me I would rather go nuts for 25-30 minutes then pace around the gym trying to figure out what to do next or just get stuck on some elliptical watching talk show tv. I tried the gym and it was good for me for about 2 months, then I ended up just tossing $50 a month out the window.

I am going to give t25 a shot. It looks legit, its only 25 minutes and I know I can find twenty five minutes a day. Can you? Want to join me on the challenge?

I will post back after I get the workout and start it. I will give myself 2 weeks and let you know how I feel and if it is worth it. From what I have been hearing it def looks like it is. Stay tuned for more!

Guns as in biceps?

gunsHow many times have you heard that lame joke??

Do you have tickets? To what? The gunnn show and some dude does a double bicep pose on ya! LOL

C’mon it is funny and you know it, but most of the dudes that do it usually really want to show you their “guns” biceps or whatever and are looking for attention.

Let’s face it, most of the time guys are going to be showing off to get attention? Why? Who knows maybe their dads did not give them affirmation, actually I am sure that is why. Or maybe they never had a good physique and are not proud of their new muscles and want to show them off.

One of the biggest ways I have seen guys do this is with arm wrestling. In fact when I was look at the site arm wrestling world you can see this was a real area where men really want to separate the men from the boys! I kind of understand that, I mean to put down another guys hand flat on that table shows you something.

I still remember cafeteria arm wrestling matches and secret matches inside the gym locker room. They were never truly violent, but as it got down to doing it there was tension and you knew whoever one would have bragging rights at least till someone else took them out.

Myself I was never the best at it, but I had long arms and I think the leverage helped some times, but I still remember my stocking wrestling buddy who almost tore my arm off. I still remember how sore I was.

Anyways the next time someone asks you if you have tickets, challenge them to an arm wrestling match for ha ha’s.

Must Have Loafers For This Summer

As we all impatiently wait for the spring season, we must not forget that a change of season means a change of wardrobe altogether. Wardrobe includes everything; from the clothes you wear to the shoes you compliment them with. If you haven’t thought it yet though, we have a guide of loafers that might help you.

 LV Monte Carlo Loafer (mini damier embossed suede) 

The LV Monte Carlo Loafer is a fine stitched loafer made out of calf skin leather. What is special about the LV damier embossed suede loafer is that it has a small embossed damier pattern all over that gives more of a checkered look to the shoe. The loafer is available in four different colors and is priced at $600.


Gomino Loafer By Tod’s 

Tod’s collection of loafers is very unique. The loafers are classics, available in different colors and boast a small narrow lace on the tongue region. The loafers are also have a leather buckle made out of calf skin and the logo T. Gomino Loafers have a very minimalistic design and that’s why they are classics. The Gomino Loafer is priced at $450.




Prada Loafers

The Prada Loafers are simple yet super classics. The loafers have a very slim rubber sole that is extremely comfortable and maintains its ground while one drives. Moreover, the Prada Loafers boast an incredibly simple design but are very well crafted and a perfect fit for summers. Prada loafers will cost you $470.

Prada loafers

Men who wear loafers are automatically in a whole different category as compared to men who don’t. A man who sports a loafer during the summer with a hot pair of shorts not only looks classy but superbly hot at the same time. My suggestion: start saving from today to buy one in the summer.

For Weight Lifters: Track Your Strength Through PUSH Band

In our time and age, everyone is interested in staying fit. Staying fit has become simpler with advancements in modern technology as today, there are so many apps and gadgets that can assist you well during workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.

Talking about fitness apps and gadgets, a startup company based in Toronto recently launched what is called “PUSH”.  PUSH is an application-enabled band for all those who love lifting weights. The band uses scientific metrics to analyze your performance and provides constant improvement tips and assistance that will permit you to reach your desired goals. What sets apart PUSH from other fitness gadgets is that it is the only tracking device that can measure strength.


PUSH band tracks the following metrics:

  • Reps + sets
  • Power
  • Force
  • Explosive strength
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • 1 rep max
  • Volume load
  • Tempo

There are many benefits of using PUSH. Firstly, it will improve the way you workout as having your progress right in front of you adds nothing but positivity and increases motivation. Moreover, consistent use of the band will motivate you to do even better and in this case, it would mean lifting more weights.

Another major benefit of PUSH is that it is extremely comfortable and easy to use/clean. Since the band comes with an impact and water resistant shell, it is a fully adjustable anti-bacterial armband. The band has been designed to stay out of the person’s way during workout sessions in order to allow him/her to focus solely on the training.

According to the co-founder and CEO of PUSH, the band streamlines one’s progress so that their routine adapts to them both in real time and overtime while at the same time reduce the risk of getting injured or injury altogether.

PUSH band is available for $149. However, the band is only available on pre-order and will hit the stores in May.

The Message We Picked From Golden Globes: Beards Are Still In

As the new year started, we were hearing news about beards not being an ‘in’ thing anymore. There were a lot of speculations of the trend now coming to an end and those speculations were fuelled more by the fully shaved models that were seen cat walking on many fashion shows.

While a lot of us on the team weren’t so happy about beards going out of fashion, we were happy to see a lot of men at the Golden Globes with beards! All of the leading actors in the Hollywood industry were spotted carrying a rough beard and we were happy to see the men in the infamous and trendy “rough look”.

Matthew McConaughey looked at his finest on the Golden Globes. After a clean shave look for some time now, the actor was carrying a trimmed beard, which was short around the sides and neck but a bit longer near the moustache/chin area. That worked well as the actor’s cheekbones were in the limelight due to that.


While Matthew’s beard was quite trimmed, prim and proper, we also saw some men with full grown beards at the Golden Globes. Take for instance, Michael Fassbender & Chiwetel Ejiofor, the stars of 12 Years a Slave. Both men had a lot of hair on their faces and while I myself have never liked full grown beards, they still sported it well with their black suits and tie.


It also appears to be that the infamous Clooney grey-tinge in beards style is also quite popular as Joaquin Phoenix from the movie Her and Chris Pine from Star Trek both had beards with a slight grey tinge in them. Other actors who were also seen in beard included Jared Leto and Alex Ebert, singer Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero.


Having said that, the message from the Golden Globes is clear: BEARDS ARE STILL IN and if you have been waiting to sport a new beard look, don’t worry about it not being in fashion anymore as beards are still trending.

Here’s to hoping that they don’t go out of fashion anytime soon.